Poetry Collections

Anna Journey is the author of the poetry collections The Judas Ear, The Atheist Wore Goat Silk, Vulgar Remedies, and If Birds Gather Your Hair for Nesting.

Press and Interviews

Interviews with Anna Journey and reviews of her books appear in The Los Angeles Times, Publishers Weekly, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Kenyon Review Online, The Georgia Review, and elsewhere.
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The Judas Ear back cover The Judas Ear by Anna Journey
New Poetry Collection by Anna Journey

The Judas Ear

"Anna Journey's lines echo like lines of a song. The final word is 'blooming.' The poems are big, rangy, expansive in Whitmanesque, democratic ways. They have a narrative charisma, but maintain Dickinson's perversity, independence. Journey is as much a poet as a storyteller. Few write with her variety of emotional, intellectual, and musical muscle. This is simply a masterful collection of poems."

— Terrance Hayes, author of American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin
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"Journey is as much a poet as a storyteller."
— Terrance Hayes